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Restaurant Owners Discussion Group

If you haven't heard by now, Cue the Accountant hosts a Restaurant Owners Discussion Group. Back when it was OK to meet in person, we met quarterly. There is so, so much going on, that we are now hosting weekly WebEx meetings with our participants. If you're a Restaurant Owner who is interested in joining these discussions, please email me here.

For those of you who may have missed the last WebEx, where we discussed what a restaurant business model looks like without tipping, please follow the link below to view the recorded discussion:

Restaurant Owners Discussion Group June 24, 2020

password to open: UpsQNvM7

Future discussions will include how to handle the PPP Forgiveness application, and continued discussions about paying employees through the pandemic, increasing revenue, and just getting open and operating again. If it feels like you've shut down and opened your restaurant two or three times this year, you're not alone.

I also spoke with the Star Tribune reporter John Ewoldt about what is happening to the Twin Cities restaurant scene. You can read that story here.

Our longtime client, Deepak Nath, was also interviewed by the Star Tribune recently, you can find his insights here. That's also his picture on the front page of the ST, nicely done, Deepak!

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