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Restaurant Owners Group discussion

If you are a restaurant owner in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, chances are you are part of a local or even national restaurant owners group. These groups have popped up in the last few years as a way for owners to learn about their business from other owners and experts, and as a way to collaborate. Cue the Accountant hosts such a group, and we have one agenda: present ideas and information that help make your restaurant more profitable.

For example, our most recent discussions have centered on funding available to restaurant owners, here in the Twin Cities and nationwide, and the information owners need to stay on top of the necessary applications for these funding sources. Information is changing at a rapid pace! In fact, just a few days after our discussion on the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, the SBA changed its requirement that restaurants needed to register with and obtain a DUNS number - both of which require a few hours of time to complete.

Our next discussion will involve a few restaurant owners who are willing to share their experience with Service Charges and eliminating tips from their business model, and how their businesses have fared over the last year. It's always interesting to hear stories from the front line, so if you're interested in being part of this discussion, please submit your contact info here.

If you sign up for the Restaurant Owners Group hosted by Cue the Accountant, that's great! And if you choose another group out there, that's also great! Just get your contact information to one or more of these groups if you're a restaurant owner, and join the conversation.

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