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The 4 day work week

I read an article at about the 4 day work week, and I had listened to a podcast which has been turning over in my head for the last few weeks. This idea entails giving employees a three-day weekend, by eliminating the need to work on Fridays, and condenses the work week to Monday through Thursday, meaning employees work for longer hours each of those days. I'm excited to announce that Cue the Accountant will be changing our work week to this model, beginning in September 2021.

As I mulled over how a condensed work week would get figured out at our organization, I realized that all of the logistics were attainable. More over, I built this company with the idea that, as an employee, I wanted and needed the most flexibility possible in my job. I was a hard-working employee, and got my job done on time or early, and didn't find that it was beneficial to sit around, waiting for the clock to hit 5 p.m. So I created this company with autonomy in mind - that employees can think for themselves, and retaining the best employees is a matter of allowing them to do that. I believe that condensing the work week at our company will simultaneously provide a higher quality of life and retain the same amount of productivity as we currently output.

I also recognize that it is not always higher pay that attracts great employees. I believe that flexibility, an enjoyable work environment, and working for an organization that values employee input, are the keys to retaining those really great employees who can think for themselves, and provide the best work to our company. Productivity analysts agree, as well - the less interruptions that exist, the more work gets done.

There is lots of data out there showing the advantage of reducing idle time for employees. Compacting the work week to 4 days is just one approach, as is reducing the length of meetings, providing focus time for employees, and teaching employees how to reduce interruptions. These are all ideas that I wish past employers would have recognized - if they had, I may not have left employment to build this company!

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