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Volunteering for a good cause

As a work environment, Cue the Accountant’s culture is rooted in service to our clients, and service to our community. We volunteer quarterly with charities that are focused on providing food and shelter to our community, especially to kids. This provides each member of our team with the opportunity to bond over shared experience, and gives us a sense of purpose within our greater community.

This month, the Cue team chose Second Harvest Heartland as our volunteer opportunity. We happened to be volunteering on Give to the Max day, and we were joined by lots of volunteers who signed up with 89.3 The Current ‘s “Pack to the Max” volunteer day.

We were given the task of packing sweet potatoes into 40 lb bags that would then be transported to food banks in the Duluth/North Shore area of MN. It was great fun and a great feeling to be able to help gather and pack food that would be feeding families in our home state of MN. Second Harvest Heartland is unique in that it is not actually a food shelf, but a food bank. This means that they serve as a distribution channel between the organizations who provide the donations of food and the food shelves that provide that food to the members of the community in need.

Second Harvest Heartland was our chosen organization for our quarterly volunteering effort because of their commitment to helping feed those in need in MN. It’s an exceptional organization and we were happy to help in the effort that packed 16,263 pounds of sweet potatoes that day!!

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